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When is the Second Coming of Christ going to happen?

When might all these changes in the world take place?

Taken as a whole, if you have not read anything about these things before, the reading of Its time-now could be quite unnerving. We are not trying to make it so - it just is, even for the team of writers who know these things well. Why are we writing about such alarming events?

It is merely to inform you of things you may not know, just as we would warn a person who was walking on a cliff where we knew there was a hidden hole on the pathway and that he might fall into it. Also, you may not know what God is doing about it all. The writers of the site know well that many if not most people are not familiar with the God of the universe, Jesus Christ His Son, nor the 69 books of the Holy Bible written before 100 A.D.

Some of these things have already begun to happen. (e.g. the financial crisis of 2008 - and the one looming in 2011-2012 in many countries of the world. As time passes we hope to add other information to this part of the site.   

Listen to a 2 minute clip from Johnny Cash on this issue - when is all this going to take place?

Listen to a 5 minute expose from a most revered Jewish Rabbi that it was revealed to him that Jesus (Yehohua or Yeshua in Hebrew) is the Messiah to come soon.


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