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Not a believer in the Bible?? Then check out what it does for you

If you do not want to believe what the Bible says then read this.

Not wanting to believe what the Bible says is almost as common as not knowing what is in the Bible.

In fact the two are related.

But mainly in this short file, we are accepting that when someone knows what is in the Bible, they can still choose not to believe what they read.

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to not believe.

Let's start with one which says that they do not really know what God’s Word the Bible does for us.

So, let's try and answer that - what does God's word the Bible do for us?

When you get to know it God's Word makes us aware (convicts) of our wrongs, corrects our beliefs, provides the basis for  cleansing of wrongs,

confirms what God is going to do for us, and tells us how we could know God. Why would you not want to examine what it says?

The Word of God Convicts.

One of the great proofs that the Bible is really God's inspired Word is its unique ability to convict men and women of their sins. Let us consider but a few Old and New Testament examples which demonstrate the lifesaving power of the Scriptures.

An Old Testament example:

What happened in the time of Josiah ( a young and godly Judean king who ruled the Lord's people more than six centuries before Christ ) when God's Word was found in the temple and had it read to everyone? Josiah was convicted by the truth of the word of God and when he compared it with their evil ways of living, he was so convicted by God, that he humbled himself before God and made sure that his people were taught from the word of God. Their lives changed dramatically. (2 Chronicles chapter 34)

A New Testament example:

There are many instances in the New Testament where we see the Holy Spirit using God's Word to convict people of their sin. This is what happened at Pentecost when Peter used the Scriptures to rebuke Israel for crucifying its Messiah. ( Acts 2:37-41). 

The Word of God Corrects.

There are many symbols for God's Word that can be found in the Bible itself.

James 1 :23-25 says that we will be blessed in life if we follow God's word.

1 Pet.1:22 says that our souls will be purified and we will be loving to other people.

Ps. 119:105 says that the word of God is a light and lamp to follow in our lives.

Matthew 13:18-23 says that if we listen to the word of God, and retain it, we will bear much fruit in our lives.

Jeremiah 23:29 says that God's word is like a hammer (that breaks up evil) and like a fire (that destroys evil)

But the Bible also serves as a measuring rod or ruler to measure or correct. It should be used as a standard against which to measure our beliefs. Immediately, we can reject worldly claims by using our divine written ruler to discover that such arguments simply do not measure up. Sometimes our heavenly Teacher uses His written ruler to correct us when we are in the wrong.

In Psalm. 119 : 65 - 67 King David said that God's word taught him to walk on straight and narrow paths in life..


The Word of God cleanses.

One of the pieces of furniture in the Old Testament tabernacle was called a bronze laver. It consisted of a huge upright bronze bowl filled with water. The priests would often stop at this bowl and wash. The Word of God may be thought of as that laver, for it too has the power to cleanse. The O.T. laver could only remove the physical dirt from human hands, but the scriptures possess the ability to take away our moral filth.

God’s word may be used to cleanse our souls.

See 1 John 1:9 says that if we confess our sins, God will forgive and cleanse us

John 15:3 says that God's word cleanses us.

The Word of God Confirms.

To confirm means to fully establish a truth or fact. The Bible should be used to confirm the truth in our own hearts.

It will confirm our salvation. Often Christians are troubled with doubts about eternal life. Did God really save them when they asked Him to do so? Are they still saved today? A number of verses may be used to confirm our salvation, if indeed we do have it.

God’s Word either confirms salvation or talks about it in some way.

John 5:24 says that if we hear God's word and believe it we will have eternal life.

John 3:16 says that God loved the world so much that He sent Jesus, so that if we believe in Him we have eternal life.

Life's bitter disappointments don't look so bad when we know that all things work together for good - if we love Him. (Romans 8:28)

God's word confirms our forgiveness when we sin. The Bible assures us that all confessed sin is instantly and eternally forgiven.

Ps.32:5 says we are forgiven our sins when we confess them before God. 

We can know God through His Word

God can be known.

Jeremiah 9:24 says that we may know and understand God and know He is loving, merciful, just and righteous.

What evidence has God given that He exists?

See Rom. 1:19-20 says that since creation, God's invisible attributes, power and divine nature have been clearly seen.

Galatians 4: 4 says that at the right time, God sent Jesus His son, born of a woman to redeem people and make them His sons.

Knowing that God exists is not the same as knowing God personally, just as knowing about the President of U.S.A. does not mean that you necessarily know him personally. This knowledge of God is crucial however since to know God personally is to be saved and have eternal life. 

How do we get to know God personally?

In Eph.1:13 the word of God says we may be saved by believing in what we have heard from God's word.  

Getting to know God through the expressions of His will - just a few examples

In John 6:40 its says that God's will is that everyone have eternal life.

In Romans 12:2 it is God's will that we be transformed from this world into new belief in our mind.

In Daniel 4:35 we find that God applies His will to the whole world.

In 2 Peter 3:9 we find that God is patient with us.

In Psalm 11:14 we find that if we don't know what to do God's will is to supply counsellors.

In Philippians 2:13 we find that God is at work in us to help us live as He intends. 

What we should do with the Word of God, the Bible?

Read God's Word.

The person who can read well has a much better opportunity of knowing and understanding God's Word than the person who has to rely upon what others tell him about the Word of God. Reading the Word of God is a very important part of communicating God's Word to God's people.

Ps.119:18 says that if we read God's word carefully our eyes will be opened to wonderful things.

An idea for you to consider!

One way to get to know God’s Word the Bible - there are many ways. Here is a way to start, especially if you have never read the Bible very much.

The Book of Proverbs, which was penned by King Solomon under the instruction of God, is a wonderful book of wisdom and knowledge and one excellent starting point. There are the same amount of chapters in it as there are days in the month. So you can read just one chapter a day. For example you would read chapter 10 on the tenth of a month and chapter 26 on the 26th day of the month. You can never get lost.

If you have read these words about believing what the Bible says, then you are on the way to believing for yourself.

Continue to read and you will get to believe.