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A dramatic Age in the world's future is coming soon!

In a Nutshell "Man's downfall comes out of his confidence in his own wisdom & ability. Man only really learns about life, when in a distraught and hopeless state, he turns to God and His Wisdom."

Has mankind fully utilized all the knowledge at his disposal? Has vital information been missing or ignored?

There is no doubt that man has an innate desire to improve his lot. This investigative mindset has produced all manner of incredible inventions (such as satellite navigation and communication) and many medical advantages with new drugs (such as antibiotics) and practices (such as angioplasty) along with organ replacement. Advances in the social sciences of psychology and psychiatry have also improved the life of man. Man’s curiosity about himself is the basic cause of the increase in his knowledge. Other areas of advancement include means of transport communications and in the human field, abolition of most slave trade. Even the spread of democracy among nations around the world and the softening or failure of harsh political regimes, have added to the ability of man to improve life on earth.

Despite all these changes to enhance man’s life on earth, on the whole, mankind has not learned to live happily with his fellow man. Hatred still abounds around the world. The colour of one’s skin still disenfranchises many. White still separate from black and where uprisings of blacks give them control they often inflect their wrath against whites. Understandable in one sense.

Ethnic and religious differences have shown no sign of abating. Differences between Arabs and Jews, Irish Catholic and Irish Protestant are good examples of continuing strife. Tensions are even high between Asian neighbours, Arab neighbours and the rise of Islam influence in France, U.K and the Netherlands has moved the local populations towards exclusion. The huge rise in refugees seeking safe haven threatens the safety, peace and security of every continent.

So despite all the ingenuity of man, we in this 21st century have not learned to co-exist with each other. The earlier emphasis on location and distribution of resources may now be better understood.

As it is clear that our existing knowledge has not provided what we need to ive perfectly in the whole world, where else can we look?

The answer is easy, although it will surprise some. Although in the last 150 years, God, the Holy Bible and the church in particular have had a far lesser influence, these three still provide the answers to all the questions posed so far. Although God and the Bible may be considered out of date by many, they are still the source of absolute and eternal truth and will remain so.

The moral Law given to Moses by God in 1462 B.C. has provided the foundations for the actual laws of some countries.

To ignore it is to invite disaster. The United States of America, which was founded on God and His ways, once living according to Him, has slipped so far away from God, that it is now a society in great distress just about every aspect of life. Most other western countries are in a similar decline. Other nations, seeming to ride an economic boom will eventually find that prosperity will also lead them in a similar direction. Greed, corruption and immorality will eat away at the centre of their current reality.

The point of all this is that we all need to look back to roots of what God said and provided over the last 6000 years of history. It is not too hard. Millions of people have done this. Others can learn to do so.