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A dramatic Age in the world's future is coming soon! Armageddon, then the Millennium

Why is the world like this - and getting worse?

In a Nutshell. "Individual & national strivings to survive has led to political, economic & personal instabilities & perpetual conflicts. The world peoples are blind to the real true source of life."

The human race has always been up against impossible odds. (What these odds are we will get to later) It is a natural human instinct to desire to survive AND to prosper. Over the centuries, some individuals, by virtue of super-human efforts have sometimes meant survival, but in others, especially when striving amidst great suffering, failure has resulted. Apart from their own ability to fully overcome in the struggle to survive and prosper, other factors quite outside their control has made the life of ordinary man, so much more difficult. Consider the following.

Wars and conflicts have continued unabated in many parts of the world. Independence movements and nationalism have splintered nation and cultural groups. Natural disasters are now happening at a greatly increased rate (see reasons later), along with major crises among major financial institutions around the world. These have brought extreme hardship and disintegration of communities everywhere.

Since the 1960's in particular, old fashioned moral values have been ignored. That has not only caused depravity in man, but has also fractured family structures and individual lives. Political instability has dislocated many countries. People have found, even in more stable countries, that there is no one they can really trust or who can bring peace. The effect of all this is that societies have been torn apart.

When a few of these things happen together, the countries and the people cannot stand the strain, particularly with those who really struggle to survive. Making it even worse over the last 50 years, is the skyrocketing world population, with subsequent pressures on inadequate food supplies, with famine often the result. At a time when extra care is needed, there are only a few who have the time, motivation or resources to try to provide for the many in dire need.

Yet this is counter to what Jesus said, "Love your neighbour as yourself.." (One day, this will be so – we get to that soon)

The world has changed whilst our eyes were blinking. Perhaps all these worsening changes in the world have not been noticed because they have crept up on us all, just like the frog that did not notice the water was getting hotter – until it was too late. For many, one day it will be too late. (read on to see why) Even not so subtle changes seem to be accepted without concern and most protest movements struggle to maintain momentum and ultimately achieve very little. We seem to now blindly accept what we get. Most in the world seem to be unaware that normal life is disintegrating fast. Most political and moral leaders do what they can, but the steamroller of unstoppable change rolls on.

Why is it all getting worse?

It is mainly to do with the fact that mankind is bent on looking only at what he sees and wants - and refuses or can't see the basis on which the world was constituted. (more later on that) Moreover, mankind does not realize why this world continues to function. It is put down to something called "Nature". However, nature is a word used to describe the operation of the world, but constituted by God Himself. Also, mankind will not acknowledge that the One who created the world is the very One who has a plan to change the world and re-establish the earth and it's peoples, in a particular way and at a certain time. The form of this great change will come out of His great wisdom and power It will result in a total peace and prosperity for all people, who have come to know God for Who He is. It will literally be heaven on earth. One part of the change that is approaching will be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to this earth. (there is lots more to tell about that later)